The foot-mounted wireless synthesizer/drum machine

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HappyFeet was created as an ultra-lean startup to develop a new product and create a user community around it.  We plan to do an initial rollout with a crowdfunding campaign, and then sell directly (Amazon is already big enough!). Please subscribe to our mailing list below to stay informed.


I'm an electronics engineer and also an advanced-beginner (i.e. not very good!) musician. I believe music is the “killer app”, and everyone has a desire to make some kind of music. It touches something in your soul, and it's really fun: after all, we say “playing” an instrument, not “working” one!

In my previous role, I managed a product development engineering team, so I've been deeply involved in electronics, software, and mechanical design domains as well as related functions such as procurement, manufacturing, quality, and test.  I've always enjoyed the places where engineering meets business, and trying to define and meet customers' needs.

Jim Tompkins

Halifax, Canada


Wilma B: chief drumming officer, marketing, mixing, logo design

Dr. Don C: RF consulting, alpha testing with didgeridoo

Surisak C: Flutter software development consulting

Ryan D: mechanical design

Dale S: electronics assembly guidance

Pacifique M: Git and Github guidance

Jim M: media guidance, video production, alpha testing

Geoff D: alpha testing

Don M: alpha testing

Karsten S: alpha testing

Colm G: alpha testing

Pete D: beta testing

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