The foot-mounted wireless synthesizer/drum machine

Audio test mode

The HappyFeet app has a mode called Audio Test that you can turn on or off on the Settings menu.  When Audio Test mode is turned on, each press of the music note symbol at the bottom of the screen plays the next note.  Turning Audio Test mode off (normal operation), means that sounds are instead played when:

  • beats are enabled, AND
  • you tap your foot
HappyFeet app settings menu

When To Use Audio Test Mode

Use Audio Test mode in these situations:

  • When you don't have your HappyFeet yet and you want hear the sounds and try building grooves
  • When you are trying to debug the audio.  The most common causes of no audio are:
    • audio turned off
    • volume turned all the way down
    • Here is a link to Apple's support site for audio issues: link