The foot-mounted wireless synthesizer/drum machine

Audio Samples

The audio samples used by HappyFeet reside totally within the app; the hardware only sends a short message saying that a foot tap was detected.  The audio samples come from the Polyphone website which has a library of soundfont files including these which we've used:

  • latin_hand_perc by  E-mu Sound Central
  • acoust_kits_1-4 by E-mu Sound Central
  • Finger_Snaps by JustLetMeDownloadDamnit
  • Woodblocks by Andrea Sumerauer

Thanks to the Polyphone community for providing these high quality audio samples!

The samples are processed as follows:

  • save as .wav using Polyphone
  • convert to .ogg and .mp3 using Audacity
  • imported as assets to Flutter in the pub spec.yaml file
  • load and play using the Flutter package flutter_ogg_piano for Android and soundpool for iOS

A future wishlist item for the app might be to allow users to load their own .ogg and .mp3 audio samples, and use them in their own grooves.  Let me know if you'd like to see something like this.