The foot-mounted wireless synthesizer/drum machine

Meet Happy Feet

Happy Feet is a foot-mounted wireless synthesizer drum-machine accompaniment instrument.  Each tap of your foot makes the sound of a instrument you choose with a simple app on your phone or tablet.
We're launching via Kickstarter crowd funding soon.

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HappyFeet in action

Fits on your foot

Small size means you'll forget you're wearing it and there are no wires to worry about when playing. Wrap the elastic strap around your foot and secure it with the Velcro.

foot-mounted wireless synthesizer drum-machine
foot-mounted wireless synthesizer drum-machine percussion sounds word cloud

You can build grooves from any combination of these 14 percussion sounds.

From the open E string to (E1, lowest note on electric bass) to the 8th fret on the G string (D#3).  In bass mode, you can define a bass groove from any of these notes to back up a chord progression like a 12 bar blues.

Electric bass guitar

iOS and Android apps

The easy to use HappyFeet app lets you define the notes that are played on each tap of your foot.  It's available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.  The app doesn't have any ads or pop-ups, and doesn't use any of your personal information.  Take a tour of the app here.

Open source

The HappyFeet app and embedded software are built on a strong foundation of open source software and open source tools, so to help establish a user/developer community, we've made all of our code (app, embedded software) available on GitHub.  Please click here to learn more.

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